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We have a full-fledged department for visa procurement. We take care of doing the cumbersome work of visa processing the application at your request. All you have to do is to contact us and provide us the necessary documents and we will process your documents as needed.alhind Tours & Travels not only provides its client with professional visa assistance and visa services but also renders valuable & comprehensive services related to travel within India and abroad with qualified & total professional staff to serve the travel industry.We understand that every country has a different process, fees structures and requirements for Indians to travel abroad. We also understand your needs and work towards getting your visa as soon as possible.

What we do:

We help in document preparation, filling out forms and ensure all necessary fields are correctly filled. This eliminates future problems in obtaining your visa.With our extensive knowledge on how things work, we correctly organize the documents as they supposed to be so that you can be confidant while facing the Authorities.We make you understand the vital procedures of visa application and the rest of the process.We train you for the most important aspect – Interview. This is where many people fail to get visa. But we provide training so that you are confident meeting the prerequisites.Most important of all – we will teach you how to speak to the interviewer so that he can be convinced that you will return and not illegally immigrate to that country.

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This is to inform that the Chinese Visa Application Service (New Delhi) will be closed on 01st January 2014 for New Years Eve. There is a slight adjustment in the collection dates. The Adjustment is as below: Service Submission Date Collection Date Normal 29th Dec 2014 2nd Jan 2015 Express 29th Dec 2014 30th Dec 2014 Normal 30th Dec 2014 05th Jan 2015 Express 30th Dec 2014 31st Dec 2014 Normal 31st Dec 2014 6th Jan 2015 Express 31st Dec 2014 2nd Jan 2015 Normal 2nd Jan 2015 7th Jan 2015 Express 2nd Jan 2015 5th Jan 2015


This is to inform Chinese Embassy (New Delhi) will be closed from 31st January to 6th February during Chinese New Year Holiday. According to Chinese Embassy requirement, Chinese Visa Application Service Center (New Delhi) will have the following adjustment in the work schedule: 30th January: Only accept Express applications till 11:00 am. 31st January, 1st and 2nd February: Visa Center close. 3rd and 4th February: Visa Center open for Passport Collection, will not accept applications. Passport Collection timings will be from 9:00-14:00. 5th and 6th February: Visa Centre close. From 7th February, Visa Center will resume to normal routine with the following adjustments in the Pickup dates: Please plan your visa application date and travel according the above schedule. Visa Center doesnt accept any collection before due date.

Alhind attestation Services have brought about a perfect blend of technological & industrial expertise in the form of its exclusive website that wishes to extend its attestation services to our customers. At, we are dedicated to provide you with the best attestation service possible. We understand your needs and will work with you to meet them.

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